Sunday 7 January 2024

Black Sky Giant - The Red Chariot (Album Review)

Release Date: 01st January 2024. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

The Red Chariot - Tracklisting

1.The Red Chariot 03:48

2.Path 05:56

3.A Timeless Oracle 02:52

4.Illuminated By Reflection 05:00

5.Submerged Towers 04:03

6.Electrical Civilization 05:02

7.Augury 05:41

8.In The Sight Of The Mountain God 06:02


Cult Argentinian Psych/Desert/Stoner Rockers Black Sky Giant return with their new album The Red Chariot which once again backs up my belief that they’re one of the premier Instrumental Stoner Rock bands from the South American scene. The Red Chariot is a more aggressive and trance induced affair with modern day Psychedelic and Cosmic sounds that draws upon the early sounds of bands such as Yawning Man and Karma To Burn. There’s a more Doomedelic energy within these tracks with Black Sky Giant playing a more scorched Desert Rock sound.

Opening song The Red Chariot is quite involving with its Post-Rock flair and Post-Stoner surrounding with small traces of Electronica appearing with the band channelling their trademark blend of Desert/Stoner Rock. The sound is more fast-paced compared to their previous releases but a welcome addition which showcases a different sound from Black Sky Giant to impress their dedicated fan-base with.

Second song Path is a more slower paced journey with Black Sky Giant playing Prog tinged melodies with that subtle Psychedelic Stoner Rock groove which moves slightly further into Krautrock heaviness. The sound does become more DOOM based when Black Sky Giant plays a heavier COSMIC style of music that almost bursts into moments of Sludge Rock surroundings.

Black Sky Giant starts adding dark movements of Alternative Rock which allows The Red Chariot to perhaps be considered their most “METAL” based record so far with the album even becoming influenced by the 1980’s music scene whilst retaining that core Stoner Rock essence the album ultimately holds.

Other standout tracks include A Timeless Oracle, Illuminated By Reflection, Electrical Civilization and In The Sight Of The Mountain God where Black Sky Giant become more Prog Rock/Metal obsessed with some of heaviest and gloomiest grooves the band have played yet. 

All of the songs have a different creative feel, flow and approach to each other but all are still quintessential Black Sky Giant. The sudden change of emotion and heaviness within the individual tracks is what makes The Red Chariot perhaps Black Sky Giant’s most inventive, boldest, and most aggressive album to date.

The Red Chariot is another exciting chapter from the land of “Ghost Valley” where Black Sky Giant let their imaginations run free and long that may continue especially when the band keep releasing wonderful albums such as this.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe 


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