Friday 12 January 2024

Psych Stoner Rockers The Black Flamingo Release New Song 'An-nûr' From Upcoming New Album 'An-nûr'

'An-nûr', 'light' in arabic language, is The Black Flamingo's first LP. Six tracks that go across obsessive rithms, lysergic journey and stoner blows. 'An-nûr' is also the title of the single, a long trip of black holes and solidarity with Palestinian people. The LP has been recorded in Rome, in the 'Cinque Quarti' studio, under the patient supervision of Lorenzo Amato (Max Carnage), that took care of mixing and mastering. 

The vinyl mastering has been done by Lorenzo Stecconi (Lento).The Black Flamingo is a stoner-psych instrumental trio, which vibes among space and desert, with a rotten attitude. The band is formed in Rome, literally in the spaces of 30 Formiche club, by Erio Destratis (guru and housekeeper), Tiziano Giammichele (Camion, Cielo Drive) and Mattia Lolli (the Whirlings). Erio soon leaves for a nomad life and his bass is taken by Matteo Nuccetelli (Mad Roller).

Subsound Records will release 'An-nûr' on LP and digital on February 2nd, 2024.

You can listen to the brilliantly powerful title track below 'An-nûr' from the upcoming album.


Thanks to Marco at Metaversus PR for all of the info.