Sunday 21 January 2024

Sun Q - Myth (Album Review)

Release Date: 03rd November 2023. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Myth - Tracklisting

1.Jane Doe 05:10

2.Children Singing 04:51

3.Tree 04:31

4.Animals 04:50

5.Dionysus 03:17

6.I am the Sun 04:59

7.Still Searching for the Skulls 04:16

8.Elizabeth Siddal 04:50

9.Crystal Doors 06:23


Elena Tiron

Ivan Shalimov


Myth is the new album from Russian Psych/Blues/Stoner Rockers Sun Q which has undergone quite a creative process with the album being made across the globe due to the current Russian conflict. Don’t expect a political statement from Sun Q as they even state on their BandCamp page “you won’t find a specific agenda”.

Myth is an album that’s very conceptual and contains many different themes of music which is told through the powerful Psychedelic sounds that appear on the album. Moments of Blues Rock, Hard Rock and Stoner Rock are quite profound with the different vocal styles, musical arrangements and musical compositions that Sun Q perform on this album.

Sun Q add elements of World Music such as vocal choirs from Russia, USA and Uganda whilst adding unique instruments from all over the world, like Swedish nyckelharpa and African percussion. So you have a truly original sound coming from Sun Q and shows that real creative collaboration can be achieved even through the darkest of times.

Sun Q achieves a modern kaleidoscopic effect whilst embracing the many different musical movements from the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s with fabulous results. The vocals from Elena move from Delicate Pop, Blues Rock and Hard Rock with relevant ease. Shades of 1980’s mainstream Pop/Rock allows Elena to provide the best vocal harmonies on the album especially on tracks such as Jane Doe, Children Singing, I Am The Sun and Still Searching For The Skulls.

Sun Q are very hard to categorise overall with the band playing many different styles of music which shouldn’t work with the Blues/Stoner Rock genres but Myth proves that it can be done and offer a splendid release that oozes charm, originality and a whole lot of swagger. The one thing that Myth impressed me the most apart from the creative vision and technical ability of both Elena and Ivan is the uplifting factor of the whole album. Myth leaves you with a warm glow throughout and that's quite hard to achieve but Sun Q has delivered one of the most uplifting Stoner Rock records in years.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe 


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