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Buffalo Bud Buster Interview: The Electric Highway Festival Interview Special - An Interview With Rog Reuz From Stoner Metallers BUFFALO BUD BUSTER

Hard Rock/Stoner Metallers Buffalo Bud Buster are performing at this year's The Electric Highway Festival on Friday April 04th 2024 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They recently released their new excellent new album El Diablo Locomotor and it's jam-packed with Classic Hard Rock grooves twinned with epic Stoner Metal jams.

I caught up with Rog Reuz (vocals) from the band to discuss what folks will have in store from Buffalo Bud Buster ahead of their festival performance.

How are things with you today?

Well, like most Calgarians we were thoroughly enjoying that brief taste of spring, and now we are knee-deep back into winter's cold embrace. It’s depressing but it builds character! Hey, on the topic of seasons, why is winter the only season that happens twice in a calendar year???? Do you have a meteorologist on staff over there? Maybe run it by them and let them know.

How are the preparations currently going?

Preparations are in full swing! Dan, Brent and Rob have been working furiously at jam to dial in our tunes, and I have been doing a vigorous keagles routine 3 times a day to prep for our performance!

What can people in attendance expect from Buffalo Bud Buster for this festival performance?

Imagine a double barrelled shotgun loaded with high energy rock and roll exploding in your face. And then Imagine a big warm hug. And then imagine a chainsaw of hard rock riffage tearing through your flesh. Then imagine having tea with your grandmother……..but King Diamond kicks open the door and the tea is actually blood! ……I’m sorry I forgot what we were talking about.

What type of set will you be performing though I presume it will be focusing upon your excellent new album El Diablo Locomotor.

Thank you for the kind words! This years set is going to be chalked full of 7 minute progressive rock anthems! Keyboards, horns, techno samples, go-go dancers, live animals, and clips from the Dr Phil show. Wait, that was a lie. Those who have seen us before know exactly what they are gonna get, and those who haven’t seen us before are in for a real treat.

Will you be doing any more gigs before the festival happens and if so where will you be performing at?

BBB has been so proud to be a part of every Electric Highway/ 420 festival so far, and we always like it be our first show of the year if possible. It’s a great way to kick off the season!

What bands are you looking forward to see performing live at The Electric Highway Festival?

Oh man! Sooooooo many! In fact I could just copy and paste the entire lineup right here. Hombre and The Getmines come to mind as well since I haven’t seen them live yet!

Your new album El Diablo Locomotor has just been released. Have you been pleased with the responses it's received so far. What can people expect from this record compared to your previous albums.

The response has been amazing! We came out of the gates hot, and hit number 11 on the Doom Charts, we’ve had tons of plays and streams and responses from all around the world. I think this album really captured the true BBB sound and vibe. Huge thanks to Jamie at Prohibitor Studios for all the work he put into it!

What has been the high points and low points performing with the band?

The highest points were the shows we played last year. The band has really come together. In the studio, and live the band has really evolved into a slick, well oiled machine that has its nuts neatly placed in a variety of pickle dishes! The lowest point was the time we tried to play a show at Spy Hill Penitentiary. Like Johnny cash, I thought it would really do wonders for our career, but instead we ended up serving 6 to 10 months…… was trash, would not recommend.

Do you have any other musical projects that folks can check out or any exciting releases coming in the future?

BBB is always writing new material, and we are hopefully optimistic to be back in the studio this fall. Fans of the heavier stuff should check out Prohibitor, which Brent also plays bass in. Super heavy thrash metal that will rip you up. And Rob also does double drum duty in The Evergreen Standard, which is delicious alternative punk! Dan and myself have a side project called Shoplifting Over Priced Items At The Grocery Store, but it’s actually more of a lifestyle I guess.

How did you get involved with music? Was it a particular album, group or artist that made you want to write and play your own music?

All of us caught the music bug early on. Music has been front and center in our lives for as long as we can remember. Dan first got hooked by KISS, Rob, who didn’t answer me soon enough, got hooked by Kim Mitchell, he even painted his entire bedroom ceiling with a portrait of Kim being a wild party. Brent, who also didn’t answer me soon enough, got hooked by Ice Cube and gangster rap in general. The more gats, and the more bling…….the better! See what happens when you don’t respond to the band group chat! Hahahaha. I remember way back to elementary school, Guns and Roses was the first band that made me want to be a musician, and swear more, and wear leather pants……….I never did get those pants.

Will you be performing any gigs later in the year?

Definitely! Stay tuned for some announcements coming later this spring! Boom!

Before you go, do you have any words of wisdom for your fans currently out there?

I do. Listen, it’s me…..Rog; what you’re gonna do is come down to the Electric Highway 2024. You’re gonna forget about all that day to day bullshit that is nagging away at your soul. You’re gonna let it all go. You’re gonnna replace it with the divine gift of rock and mother fucking roll. It’s gonna charge your soul like a Tesla that was hit with Thor’s hammer, long haired Thor, not the short haired version with one eye, or whatever fuck was going on there. Trust me on this one. You won’t regret it.

Words by Steve Howe and Rog Reuz

Thanks to Asher Media PR for arranging this interview and for Rog Reuz for taking the time out to do this interview. 

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