Wednesday 27 March 2024

Max Boogie Overdrive - Stoned Again (Album Review)

Release Date: March 29th 2024. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: CD/DD

Stoned Again - Tracklisting

1.The Devil Knows My Name 05:09

2.Suffer Sister 03:04


4.Van Boogie

5.Bomb Incoming


7.King Of Fire

8.Stoned Again 05:58



Drop Dee -  Bass, Lead Vocals

Max Boogie - Guitars, Vocals

RC - Guitars

Tom Hernandez - Drums


Stoned Again is the debut full length from Doom/Sludge/Stoner Rockers Max Boogie Overdrive who consume a healthy dose of Classic 70’s Hard Rock, Boogie Rock and Proto Doom Swagger with the added goodness of 90’s Stoner Metal and Sludge Metal heaviness. Lending the classic sounds of bands such as FU MANCHU, The Melvins, ZZ Top, Motorhead, KISS, Black Sabbath and Orange Goblin for this thrill-a-minute and NO-FUCKS-GIVEN blast of Sludgy and Stoner soaring based grooves.

The tone within Stoned Again is one of REBELLION and fusing the tropes of Classic Heavy Metal against the Psychedelic and WEEDIAN pastures that Max Boogie Overdrive play throughout the album. Certain parts of the album will be familiar to just about everyone but it’s the band's determination with their brilliantly funny and well observed lyrics that gives them an extra sense of danger to their music.

The sound can be firmly rooted in Classic Heavy Rock the next with shades of KISS, Motorhead and Black Sabbath before changing into a Stoner Metal behemoth conjuring up classic vibes of KYUSS, Orange Goblin and FU MANCHU especially on tracks such as The Devil Knows My Name, Freakazoid and Van Boogie. Drop Dee’s lead vocals have a certain over confident and flashy style to them which allows his delivery to be very on point especially within the more daring lyrics the band have written for this album.

Stoned Again captures the golden age of Sludge Rock and Stoner Metal superbly well before changing to a style of 1970’s Hard Rock and 1980’s Heavy Metal where there’s a lot of cool guitar shredding which could see twinges of Van Halen and Metallica starting to appear. Max Boogie Overdrive are quite obsessive with the multitude of different styles of music they employ and play on this release alone. 

Other standout tracks include: Bomb Incoming, Demonaire and Stoned Again with these songs showing flashes of groove laden heaviness with an epic Boogie/Swamp Rock tone whilst keeping up with a Sludge Rock/Metal attitude. A kick-ass THIN LIZZY and BUDGIE influence starts to shine through especially when the Classic Twin Guitar sound takes full effect. The other main strength with this record is how brilliantly FUN the whole album is. Max Boogie Overdrive is just a damn great album to listen to no matter what style of music they play within the album.

Overall, Stoned Again is an absolute blast of non-stop grooves which will surprise you in many ways. 

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to US/THEM PR Group for the promo.

Stoned Again will be available to buy on CD/DD from March 29th 2024.


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