Wednesday 6 March 2024

Deathrite Shaman - Deathrite (Album Review)

Release Date: March 04th 2024. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Deathrite - Tracklisting

1.Forgotten Ways 05:24

2.The Great Hunt 05:20

3.Dragonspeaker 07:13

4.Lord of Storms 06:38

5.Journey to the Deathrite 22:53


Deathrite is the debut album from one-man Doom/Stoner Metal entity Deathrite Shaman. Taking a more raw sounding approach to the Drone/Doom sound preached by bands such as OM, Sunn 0))) and BONG, this album is quite heavy-going in places but with a style of Distorted grooves that will appeal to the LOW & SLOW crowd. Deathrite Shaman do give themselves enough room to breathe and play extended instrumental grooves with a WEEDIAN smoke heavy composure. The record has subtle moments of Psychedelic beats and other various instruments being added along the way.

Deathrite lasts for around forty eight minutes in length and I can see comparisons to SLEEP here especially within the lyrics written for the album which are delivered by clean vocals, harsh growls and shamanic chants within Forgotten Ways and The Great Hunt. The album is played at a slow-to-mid pace which is what you expect from a musical project inspired by the mighty OM. Though, there are moments where Deathrite Shaman opts for a faster style of music whilst keeping within their Meditative Doomed Out Stoner vision.

Deathrite Shaman incorporates a deep Fantasy lore within the album and maybe some parts of the album are quite FANTASTICAL but this all adds to the sheer scope and enjoyment of the album. The production values are very raw throughout and some parts maybe could have been done with more work to them. However,this is still quite an impressive album to listen to within the more FAR OUT there parts of the album.

The album becomes more interesting from the offset of the third track Dragonspeaker as the album's narrative becomes fully fleshed out with intriguing ideas and sublime Psychedelic noises adding to the whole DRONED OUT sound of the album. 

The fourth track Lord Of Storms  takes a more twisted and distorted turn with the music being deliberately slow and DRONE/DOOM obsessed which allows the album to have an Eagle Twin influenced style of music starting to form. 

The final track of Journey To The Deathrite runs for a mouthwatering twenty two minutes which sees the production values being more polished compared to the other tracks on the album. The grooves are quite DENSE with the volume levels having a heavier presence which allows the music to become more FUZZ and quite obsessive within the Down Tuned flow of how Deathrite SHaman delivers their music to the final end. Perhaps the standout track on the whole album.

Overall, Deathrite despite its rough production values, features a highly intriguing concept as its main story which allows Deathrite Shaman to play a great style of Drone/Doom/Stoner Metal and perhaps make themselves known further within the Doom/Stoner Metal underground scene.

Words by Steve Howe