Monday 18 March 2024

Kult Ikon - Black Iron Prison (Album Review)


Release Date: March 15th 2024. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD/Vinyl

Black Iron Prison - Tracklisting

1.Norman Fell 07:50

2.Untethered 10:17

3.Lost Sea 11:46

4.Overburden 08:04


John Vincent - Bass

Ryan O'Connell - Drums

Scott Holthausen - Guitar


Instrumental Post-Metallers Kult Ikon return with their second album Black Iron Prison and sees the band explore their Space Doom philosophy even further amongst Progressive Sludge grooves, Post-Rock flourishes and heavy Shoegaze with a hint of Psychedelic sounds holding everything together. The name of the album Black Iron Prison comes from the classic Philip K. Dick novel Valis which gives the album a more science fiction based tone.

The record sees Kult Ikon embrace themes from bands such as Pelican and Russian Circles with heavier moments of Post-Metal methodology appearing on certain stages of the album. The sound has an aura of coldness and solitary Ambient rhythms which is heard within the excellent opening track Norman Fell. The sludgy interludes of aggressive guitars builds up the Cosmic Doom flow for Kult Ikon to play heavier style of Instrumental Doom with atmospheric Sludge Metal movements with traces of Ambient rhythms on the later parts of the track.

Second track Untethered is where Kult Ikon start to experiment with their music and add a multi-layered approach with the Post-Rock/Post-Metal elements that sees the band play a beautifully melodic style of Cosmic Doom and trippy Progressive Sludge Metal. The song can be cautiously slow but Kult Ikon knows when to play a more aggressive and fast-paced style of instrumental sounds that becomes more DOOM obsessed especially within the more Ambient and Cosmic beats that the band employ here.

The final two tracks of Lost Sea and Overburden are more adventurous in places with a classic Doomgaze sound being more dominant especially within the standout third track Lost Sea. There’s a more emotional Post-Rock style appearing which shows a different side to Kult Ikon but with a remorseful Post-Metal edge. The song also allows Kult Ikon to show their more melodic side with a violent Atmospheric Sludge movement taking more creative control on Lost Sea and Overburden.

Black Iron Prison is a superbly made album with a contemporary sound that also offers a more CINEMATIC vision throughout and allows Kult Ikon to create their own style of intense and brilliantly played Instrumental Post-Metal that leaves you wanting more. This is a stunning release that should allow Kult Ikon to enhance their reputation further within the Post-Metal community.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Desert Bloom PR for the promo.


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