Thursday 7 March 2024

Mountain Of Misery - The Land (Album Review)

Release Date: March 15th 2024. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

The Land - Tracklisting

1.Awesome Burn

2.The '90s

3.High Above The Mount

4.Path Of Sound

5.Come On Down

6.Back Again


Kamil Ziółkowski - Everything


Psych Doom/Stoner/Sludge Rock collective Mountain Of Misery only released their debut album In Roundness back in Nov 2023 and they followed this up with the stunning EP Anthem Of Sadness in Dec 2023. Now, Mountain Of Misery returns with their second album The Land. The band or creative project is helmed by Kamil Ziółkowski who is from the mighty SPACESLUG.

The Land opts for a change of musical pace compared to In Roundness with Kamil blending Desert Rock waves and trippy Post-Rock attitude which is quite reminiscent of Yawning Man. The sound is quite uplifting with a truly hypnotic Desert/Stoner Rock energy which is quite rich with Ambient driven textures. The hazy psychedelic movements work superbly well with Kamil’s vocals which have a solitary laid back approach. However, The Land still offers multiple moments of Sludge/Stoner Metal grooves with an extra layer of FUZZINESS with the heavier parts of the album.

The opening two tracks of Awesome Burn and The 90’s channels SPACESLUG deft COSMIC sounds with the classic sounds of Desert/Stoner Rock icons such KYUSS and YAWNING MAN. There’s an element of seedy grunge at play where you can see Kamil has broadened his musical horizons for the album.

Mountain Of Misery instrumental passages focus upon moments of classic sounding Shoegaze and levels of Heavy Psychedelic sounds throughout the album. This still allows the record to have a distinctive WARM GLOW throughout the whole album. Kamil’s vocals are sweet natured for The Land which could be considered more Alt Rock driven compared to the records he’s released throughout his excellent discography with Spaceslug, O.D.R.A. and Palm Desert. This album is perhaps the direct and creative result of Kamil’s work with those fantastic bands over the years.

However, The Land remains an exciting album within its own right especially on the later stages of the album with tracks such as High Above The Mount, Path Of Sound and Come On Down seeing Mountain Of Misery venturing into heavier areas of the Desert/Stoner Rock environment.

With a slight diversion into DISTORTED areas within the second half of the album, Kamil is constantly playing a more diverse style of music which can be quite Progressive as well. The album sounds excellent allowing Mountain Of Misery to offer a more mysterious journey compared to In Roundness.

The Land is an outstanding album and possible Album Of The Year Contender which expertly sees Mountain Of Misery avoid the sophomore album curse which has caught out so many bands and artists over the years. 

I’m beginning to suspect that Mountain Of Misery will release more records throughout the year though it will be a tough act to follow for Kamil to TOP the stunning records he’s released already within the last five months. However, if anyone can do this, then Mountain Of Misery can.

WOW. End Of.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Mountain Of Misery for the promo.

The Land will be available to buy digitally from Friday March 15th 2024


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