Sunday 17 March 2024

Goodbye Meteor - We Could Have Been Radiant (Album Review)

Release Date: February 09th 2024. Record Label: Dunk Records. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

We Could Have Been Radiant - Tracklisting

1.This Is Not Here 06:15

2.No Signal 06:06

3.Destructuration 07:34

4.What We Are Here For 12:08

5.We Could Have Been Radiant 09:23

6.Phosphenes 01:26


We Could Have Been Radiant is the debut full length from Post-Rock collective Goodbye Meteor whose style of music is building up Ambient Post-Rock Textures and adding Ambient Chill Out sounds before venturing into a heavier layer of Cinematic Rock. The album isn’t what you expect with Goodbye Meteor perhaps using a more long drawn out delivery within the extended Progressive moments that appear on the album.

There’s moments of Shoegaze and Indie Rock within the record especially on the early album tracks such as This Is Not Here and No Signal. I was expecting outbursts of Aggressive Post-Metal mentality from Goodbye Meteor but they stay within the confinements of modern-day Post-Rock. Truth be told the album is perhaps better for this style of music. As the record remains constantly upbeat throughout though there’s multiple moments of sombre Post-Rock attitude which brings a sense of world-building Ambient themes on tracks such as Destructuration and What Are We Here For.

Listening to the album after multiple times you do begin to realise that Goodbye Meteor have their own blend of aggressive Post-Rock energy on the later stages of the album with progressive leaning guitars and subtle Psychedelic effects that can be quite experimental and distorted in places.

The final tracks of the record (What We Are Here For and We Could Have Been Radiant) sees Goodbye Meteor opt for a more reflective style of Post-Rock delivery which bands such as Russian Circles are well known for. The songs are both deliberately slow with the band using their time effectively drifting into the vastness and deep warmth their music generates within the long drawn out instrumental passages. 

I can see why the famed label Dunk!Records signed Goodbye Meteor to their roster. As Goodbye Meteor create some of the most heartwarming style of Post-Rock music you’ll likely to hear in a very long time whilst playing some truly standout and aggressive based movements that only align the listener to the band’s creative cause.

We Could Have Been Radiant is an extraordinary album which showcases how Goodbye Meteor are one of the most original bands to come from the Post-Rock scene in quite some time.

Words by Steve Howe

We Could Have Been Radiant is available to buy now on CD/DD/Vinyl via Dunk!Records.


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