Sunday 17 March 2024

Mastiff - Deprecipice (Album Review)

Release Date: March 22nd 2024. Record Label: MNRK Heavy. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Deprecipice - Tracklisting

1.Bite Radius

2.Everything is Ending

3.Void 04:07


5.Skin Stripper




9.The Shape

10.Thorn Trauma


Vocals - Jim Hodge

Guitar - James Andrew Lee

Guitar - Phil Johnson

Bass - Dan Dolby

Drums - Michael Shepherd


Doom/Hardcore/Sludge Metallers Mastiff opt for an even heavier and uglier sound on their new album Deprecipice that sees the band venture into Post-Metal heaviness with the right amount of violent Progressive melodies lurking within the more melodic parts of the album. Mastiff has a slight Post Hardcore energy within the more subtle parts of the album. Jim Hodge’s lead vocals are consumed by an intense anger but they can also be quite emotional on some of the most hard hitting lyrics the band have written for the album.

Deprecipice is brutally honest with the onslaught of pissed off sludge grooves that have a monolithic and apocalyptic flow to them on tracks such as Bite Radius,  Everything Is Ending and Void allowing Mastiff to capture a destructive void that leads into fast-paced and technically impressive slabs of Doom/Sludge Metal fury. The record is unapologetically nihilistic which is best told through the amount of grindcore blasts and beats which sets Mastiff onto becoming one of the heaviest and most intense bands the UK Sludge Metal scene has right now. 

The production values are off the scale with Mastiff delivering their finest album to date which pulls no punches within the volume department. Deprecipice retains its bleak cinematic vision on more outstanding tracks such as Cut-Throat, Serrated, Worship and Pitiful.

Mastiff delves into the dark arts of Extreme Metal with some first rate vocal experimentation which feels like they’re channelling into another dimension and bringing the true END OF THE WORLD along with them. The vocals range from harsh growls to demonic chants that provide an uneasy feeling especially when matched against distorted noises, grindcore beats and thrashcore breakdowns whilst retaining a Sludge Metal edge.

Mastiff could be compared to bands such as Neurosis, Primitive Man, THOU and Converge on this release as there’s similar creative themes to those amazing bands. However, Mastiff deliver their own blend of Doom/Hardcore/Sludge Metal riffage where they are the Judge, Jury and Executioner for those brave enough wanting to experience this intense album. 

I can see Deprecipice fastly becoming one of the most defining UK Sludge Metal albums of the last decade and one that can easily be described as an absolute masterpiece.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Hold Tight PR for the promo.

Deprecipice will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via MNRK Heavy from Friday 22nd March 2024.


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