Monday 25 March 2024

Heavy Psychedelic Rock Trio Juke Cove Announce New Album “Tempest” and release new single: “Glow”

Juke Cove - Photo credit: Alicja Koślaga]

The Leipzig based heavy psychedelic rock trio Juke Cove announce the release of their 3rd album “Tempest” on May 3 on Interstellar Smoke Records. The album builds on the eclectic character of their previous LP “Remedy”. On “Tempest” Juke Cove skillfully blend elements of psych rock, doom, stoner rock, and punk.

“When we started writing songs for the new album, we decided not to aim at one genre, nor did we have any bands that we wanted to imitate. We wanted to let loose and see where our ideas and jamming would bring us. So, there’s a lot going on in each song, you have blues rock mixed with grunge, hypnotic doom with intense metallic hardcore or airy psychedelia with melodic punk. There are some calm moments but there are many powerful ones too. So, we felt the album has this huge chaotic, yet coherent energy, just like in a violent storm and that’s where the name comes from.” – says the band.

Listen to Juke Cove’s new track Glow here:

“Glow” is the second single from the album, after the song “Wait” which was released in February. It starts with fast paced stoner laced with thrash metal and plunges into melodic doom to smoothly transition into energetic jams in the end. Lyrically, the band addresses the feeling of impending doom: “We wrote the song after Russia invaded Ukraine, so a potential nuclear war is definitely a topic there, but so is climate change and other human-induced crises that might lead to our demise. If you listen to the song, you’ll know that we’re not entirely pessimistic though.”

Album Artwork. Captions: Artwork made by Doomed Creations


1. The Path
2. Hypnosis
3. Wait
4. Confined
5. Tempest
6. Glow
7. Burst
8. Xanadu

Juke Cove are:

Mateusz Pietrzela – Guitar & Vocals
Dima Ogorodnov – Bass & Vocals
Maxim Balobin – Drums

Juke Cove Tour Dates

09.05. Berlin, Reset Club
10.05. Eisenach, Open Air
11.05. Leipzig, Noels Ballroom

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Spotify: nCbeBXxS6qNq01g9yFB5Q

Art by Doomed Creations:

Thanks to Juke Cove for all of the info.