Tuesday 26 March 2024

Skraeckoedian - Vermillion Sky (Album Review)

Release Date: March 27th 2024. Record Label: Fuzzorama Records. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Vermillion Sky - Tracklisting

1.Cosmic Dawn



4.The Vermillion Sky 

5.Metagalactic Void Honcho

6.Night Satan 





Tim Ångström - Bass

Martin Larsson - Drums/Vocals

Robert Lamu - Guitars/Vocals

Henrik Grüttner - Guitars/Vocals


One of the kings of the Swedish Stoner Metal scene Skraeckoedian returns with Vermillion Sky which is their first new album in five years and it’s a glorious blast into Space Rock and Cosmic territory. The grooves are more outlandish, progressive and way more FUZZED UP. The whole album has a deep exploratory and sense of adventure running throughout. 

Skraecokdian have gone down the multimedia route with this album slightly with a recently released video game and an upcoming novel which further expands the whole story of Vermillion Sky. This type of action has been completed before but perhaps not so much within the Stoner Metal scene which gives Vermillion Sky an air of originality which we don’t see or experience within our scene.

However, back to the album. The whole album is sung in Swedish but even as someone who doesn’t speak Swedish I understood the whole creative narrative of the album which is helped by some of the best FUZZED UP and catchy grooves the band have written to date. Strands of Fuzz Rock, Stoner Metal, Prog Rock and Psychedelic Rock combine for a Cosmic Trip on the wild side of Skraecokdian’s creative minds.

This record has all of the classic sounds of Swedish Stoner Metal which allows Skraecokdian to redefine and shape their own musical image. Ambient sounds and aggressive Stoner Metal passages are the most dominant forces on the album which still retains an addictive quality even within the more heaviest parts of the album.

Vermillion Sky is quite a different album to their 2019 release Earth with the action set in outer space and this is a better fit with Skraecokdian becoming the heaviest they’ve ever been whilst offering moments of beautifully played Ambient and Post-Rock sounds on the more quieter parts of the album.

The album is full of complex melodies and vivid song structures which explores the realm of Science Fiction and Classic Fuzz Rock which does have a twinge of the mighty Truckfighters at times but still allowing Skraecokdian being Skraecokdian. The sound is further enhanced by Skraecokdian’s deep use of 1970’s Prog Rock and Science Fiction lore which only improves the overall listening experience.

Vermillion Sky feels like one complete album broken down into individual chapters and it’s hard to say which tracks are my favourite moments. All of the songs are great and equally as impressive as each other but if I have to choose then my favourite tracks are: Starsquatch, The Vermillion Sky, Metagalactic Head Voncho, Night Satan and Astronautilus. As these tracks combine the magic of Science Fiction mythology and classic Stoner Metal grooves which can be quite dramatic and over the top. However, Skraecokdian’s intense delivery of spellbinding vocals, Spaced Out sounds and extended progressive jams makes up some of the most impressive and standout moments to date.

Vermillion Sky is a truly original work of brilliance from Skraecokdian which maybe considered their most complete and best release to date. This is without doubt one of the best Stoner Metal albums to be released this year and an undeniable must have album. End of discussion.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Fuzzorama Records for the promo.

Vermillion Sky will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Fuzzorama Records from March 27th 2024.


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