Sunday 3 March 2024

Gods & Punks - Mountains Of Garbage (EP Review)

Release Date: 23rd February 2024. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Mountains Of Garbage - Tracklisting

1.Mountains of Garbage 05:44

2.Dinosaur Feathers 05:52

3.Purple Moon 03:06


Alexandre C. - Vocals

Pedro C. - Bass

Rodrigo B. - Guitars

Gabriel S. - Drums


Mountains Of Garbage is the new EP from Doom/Stoner Rockers Gods & Punks who return after a three year absence and with some lineup changes compared to their last album. However, it’s business as usual with Gods & Punks playing more top-notch Doomed Out based Stonr Rock with a subtle Psychedelic Rock edge.

The EP has a more potent Classic Hard Rock sound which the band use to their advantage which you can hear and fully appreciate within the opening title track. Flashes of Blues Rock energy and some intense Guitar Solos are the main order of business with flashes of Monster Magnet riffs allowing this to be a damn good track to open the EP with. The vocals have a Space Rock element to them with the thrilling grooves slowly fading into space.

Second track Dinosaur Feathers takes its time to fully get going with Gods & Punks opting for a more mellow and laid back sound. The sound is quite solitary with small flashes of Stoner Rock aggression slowly coming through. The vocals from Alexandre C are more restrained compared to the previous track with a subtle Garage Rock sound being highly atmospheric. The doomed out guitars become more Cosmic and vibrant when the heavier instrumental sounds appear with Alexandre C’s vocals becoming more impressive with the song reaching its natural conclusion. 

The final song Purple Moon is a classic style of Stoner Rock with moments of Black Sabbath and Motorhead creative energy. The song is quite simple but still a highly effective way of Gods & Punk delivering fast-paced and highly energetic sounds with a Punk Rock swagger. A great track to end the EP with and showing quite a Doom Rock edge on the later stages of the track before Gods & Punks deliver one intense blast of Classic Hard Rock guitars and swirling Psychedelic rhythms. 

Mountains Of Garbage is another excellent release from Gods & Punks to add to their already impressive discography and keep their established fan base quite happy until they drop their next release.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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