Tuesday 19 March 2024

Sonic Wolves - III (Album Review)

Release Date: March 22nd 2024. Record Label: Argonauta Records. Formats: CD/DD

III - Tracklisting

1. Shapeshifter

2. O.B.E.

3. Dead To The World

4. Dark Recollection

5. Heavy Lies The Crown

6. The Ten Doors

7. Won’t Be Their Fool

8. Gotta Do It Right


Vita - Drums

Kayt Vigil - Vocals/Bass

Nico Nigro - Guitars


Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Rock revisionists Sonic Wolves return after a six year absence with their turbo charged opus III and it feels like the band have never been away. For the uninitiated, Sonic Wolves was formed in 2012 by drummer Vita (ex-Ufomammut) and bassist/singer Kayt Vigil (ex-Pentagram and ex-The House of Hasselvander), Nico Nigro (ex-Mortuary Drape) who are signed to one of the best labels in the business which is the mighty powerhouse label - Argonauta Records.

This record has been raised on a steady diet of 1970’s Hard Rock, Proto-Doom, Psych Rock and Stoner Rock with moments of classic Blues Rock sounds. With the band being influenced by bands such as Budgie, Thin Lizzy, Motorhead and Metallica, III is a different beast compared to their previous two albums with Sonic Wolves having a jagged and aggressive frenzied approach where there is a more outlandish sound coming from the band.

The album has an abundance of Freakish Psychedelic Rock energy which has a Thrash element coming from the band on the sublime opening tracks of Shapeshifter, O.B.E and Dead To The World. Sonic Wolves bring waves upon SONIC MANIPULATION with a free flowing Prog Rock style that feels remarkably different with a seedy underbelly of extended instrumental rhythms and subtle Fuzz Rock and Garage Rock theatrics. The vocals from Kayt when they do appear are fabulous and soulful as ever but it seems Sonic Wolves are perhaps more focused exploring their musical boundaries and creative talents by playing styles of music we haven’t heard from them before.

III can be quite TRIPPY and WAY OUT THERE which transports the band to a more Spaced Out Domain but all delivered within the realm of Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Rock with Sonic Wolves including some epic Psychedelic Jams that would make EARTHLESS or NEBULA blush with envy. 

Tracks such as Dark Recollection and Heavy Lies The Crown embrace a Doom Rock/Metal philosophy within the lyrics with Kayt’s vocals being Proto-Doom and Classic Rock obsessed with a slight modern day vibe appearing throughout. The album starts to see Sonic Wolves adding waves of modern day Psychedelic Amplifier wizardry within their music which adds a dreamlike Post-Stoner flavour to their music.

The final three tracks of the album The Ten Doors, Won’t Be Their Fool and Gotta Do It Right sees Sonic Wolves add some harsh real life truths especially within The Ten Doors opening sound clip. The music remains gloriously rebellious and allows the band to play their intense blend of Doom, Stoner and Classic Hard Rock swagger with a crazed Garage Rock atmosphere allowing this part of the album to have the most technically impressive grooves on the album.

III is without doubt Sonic Wolves most dazzling and brilliantly entertaining record to date. This is a different SONIC WOLVES than we last encountered back in 2018 with their last album. They feel more HEAVIER and have provided a huge batch of original sounds whilst paying homage to their musical heroes along the way. 

Awesome. End Of.

Words by Steve Howe

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III will be available to buy on CD/Download via Argonauta Records from Friday 22nd March 2024.


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