Friday 29 March 2024

Fuzz Rock Group Thermate Release New Song/Video For BUZZKILL In Anticipation of New Album

Single Cover Art: Maciej Kamuda / Layout: Juuso Honkanen

Fuzz rock group Thermate (est. 2012) have released a new song, “Buzzkill”, along with a mesmerizing psychedelic sing-along video. With a dynamic blend of heavy riffs and infectious groove, the new single guarantees to make anyone's flare pants flutter.

New material has been in the pipeline for quite some time, while the rhythm section has seen some changes since their debut album's release in 2019 through Argonauta Records. The group's sophomore LP can be expected to come out some time next year.

"The song cruises like a convertible on the groove-filled highways of the ‘70s, making your hair blow in the breeze no matter how bald you are! Towards the end, we slow things down a bit veering towards '90s vibes and introducing some deliciously heavy stoner riffs. Shamelessly combining various styles, this track serves as a compelling preview of the diverse nature of our forthcoming material," says the band's guitarist, Mikko Väätäinen.

Vocalist Arthur Thure continues: "Throughout the history of mankind, good and evil have clashed. Although tyrants have usurped power, there has always been a counterforce which has paved the way for victory over tyranny. The lyrics of this song are meant to encourage one to take a stand against injustice, everywhere and always."

Photo: Marc Sabat


Arthur Thure – vocals
Mikko Väätäinen – guitar
Juuso Honkanen – guitar
Perttu Moilanen – bass
Sami Taskinen – drums


Redshift City (Argonauta Records, 2019)
Black Desert Highway EP (2017)
Off to Hades EP (2016)



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