Friday 15 March 2024

Wasted Death - Season Of Evil (Album Review)

Release Date: March 15th 2024. Record Label: APF Records. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Season Of Evil - Tracklisting

1.T-Virus (Corpse On) 02:17

2.Wirehead 01:53

3.Brain All Rot 02:26

4.Dogs On Hind Legs 01:29

5.Selfish Enough To Suck Air 03:54

6.Stratofortress 03:11 

7.Nation Of Mouthbreathers 02:47

8.Keeping The Lid On 02:37

9.Wasted Death By Wasted Death 04:51


Wayne Adams - guitars

Tom Brewins - drums

Charlie Davis - vocals and bass

Scott Black - shredding and dive bombs

Additional vocals on Wasted Death By Wasted Death by USA Nails, Sophia Petit and Irene Lydon


Season Of Evil is the debut album from Grind/Doom/Thrash/Punk/Sludge Metallers Wasted Death who take inspiration from bands such as Motorhead, High On Fire, Sepultura, Converge and Extreme Noise Terror. The album takes its creative narrative from the 1970’s and 1980’s violent Zombie movies that lead into the landmark 1980’s UK Video Nasty craze which you can tell from the excellent album cover.

The album itself is a brutal onslaught of ideas with a Grindcore sound allowing Wasted Death to destroy everything and everyone in their wake with their blend of fast-paced destructive grooves which moves into other areas of Hard Rock, Hardcore Punk and Heavy Metal whilst keeping with a more extreme delivery throughout the albums brief and concise twenty five minutes running time.

Wasted Death are on a mission to play some of the sickest, fastest and violent HEAVY METAL sounds you’ll hear in quite some time. However, the band do play a subtle style of Speed Metal and Sludge Metal that can be quite riff-centric in places whilst playing styles of music that will please fans of bands such as High On Fire and Motorhead. 

The majority of the songs are quite short, running for around two to three minutes each with Wasted Death adding a seedy HORROR element throughout the album. The vocals are suitably nasty where they venture into harsh growls with a few moments of Hardcore Punk clean vocals along the way. 

Season Of Evil is quite catchy when Wasted Death play a slower and less chaotic style of music though still maintaining a violent creative energy to them when the mood calls for this. 

Standout tracks to check out are: Wirehead, Brain All Rot, Selfish Enough To Suck Air and Wasted Death By Wasted Death.

These tracks are the STUFF OF NIGHTMARES with how sick and twisted Wasted Death actually becomes. Though, the music is always technically impressive with totally FUCKED UP levels of VOLUME appearing on these parts of the album that will leave you a shivering and emotional wreck. And I loved every filthy second of the album.

Season Of Evil is one of the catchiest and superbly entertaining EXTREME METAL albums I’ve had the pleasure to listen to in quite some time. Kudos to the always impressive APF Records for releasing this great album upon to the HEAVY METAL underground masses.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to APF Records for the promo.

Season Of Evil is available to buy now on CD/DD/Vinyl via APF Records.